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Jie Li selected to participate in the 7th Heidelberg Laureate Forum

Publication date: 2019-04-18

Jie Li of the DIS group has been selected to participate in the 7th Heidelberg Laureate Forum (HLF), to be held from September 22 to 27, 2019, in Heidelberg, Germany. The annual HLF event selects a small group of 200 most qualified Young Researchers worldwide to meet pre-eminent scientists from the fields of mathematics and computer science.

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DIS Group Releases Open Source Software Platform for Object-based Broadcasting Production

Publication date: 2019-04-15

H2020 EU-funded project 2-IMMERSE, of which CWI’s Distributed and Interactive Systems (DIS) group is a member had, a successful final review meeting with the reviewers from the EU commission. The goal of the 2-IMMERSE project was to allow TV service providers to break free from the constraints of rendering a broadcast stream onto a single 16x9 frame. The final objective was to enable professionals to develop and deploy customizable interactive and multi-screen experiences that can adapt to the context of use. The results have been successfully demonstrated across multiple number of screens, multiple content genres (sports and drama), and multiple situations (home, schools and in public venues).

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DIS at CHI 2019

Publication date: 2019-04-15

The Distributed and Interactive Systems group from Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) will be present at CHI 2019 presenting three full papers: (1) a paper on measuring photo sharing experiences in social virtual reality (2) a paper that provides a comparison of unimodal navigation cues for child cyclists, and (3) a paper on sustained spatial relationships between hands and surfaces reveal anticipated action. We will additionally showcase our research on two case-studies, one on object-based broadcasting at the FA Cup in Wembley Stadium, and the other on a model-driven design approach for video-comparisons. CHI is the flagship conference of ACM SIGCHI, the premier international society for professionals, academics and students who are interested in human-technology & human-computer interaction.

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Master's Thesis Topics available at DIS

Publication date: 11-04-2019

The Distributed & Interactive Systems group at CWI has new open positions for motivated students who would like to work on their Master’s thesis as an internship in the group. Topics include smart textiles, activity recognition, physiological sensing, virtual reality, point clouds, Internet of things and web technologies. Keep reading for more information about research topics, requirements and contact information.

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Postdoc on the Subject of QoE for 3D Immersive Media and Volumetric Videos

Publication date: 26-03-2019

We are looking for excellent postdoctoral researchers to complement our team in Amsterdam. Applicants should be interested and have experience in doing research on Quality of Experience for 3D immersive media and volumetric videos. The appointment is for one year, with a possibility of extension.

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Postdocs On The Subject Of Affective Computing In The Automotive Domain

Publication date: 27-02-2019

We are looking for two excellent postdoctoral researchers, one in human-computer interaction (HCI) and the other in machine learning / ubiquitous computing (UbiComp), with interest in doing research on physiological sensing and affective computing in an automotive context. The appointment is for two years, with a possibility of extension.

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Award for DIS at ICT Open 2019

Publication date: 01-04-2019

CWI’s DIS group has been awarded with a prize at NWO’s ICT OPEN 2019, the event for ICT research in the Netherlands. The Distributed and Interactive Systems group won the second prize for their poster “Deep Sleep. A ballistocardiographic-based Deep Learning Approach for classifying Sleep Stages.” The poster was selected out of 98 posters of which 12 were nominated.

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CWI DIS Group Awarded Eu Worth Project Funding

Publication date: 21-03-2019

CWI’s Distributed & Interactive Systems Group (DIS) has been awarded a grant for a project by the EU’s WORTH Partnership Project.

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Steven Pemberton In Nieuwsuur TV On Web@30

Publication date: 11-03-2019

To celebrate 30 years since Tim Berners-Lee’s proposal for the World Wide Web, an anniversary event is webcast on 12 March 2019. In the Netherlands, CWI Web pioneer Steven Pemberton was interviewed by Nieuwsuur, which was broadcast on national TV on 8 March.

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Demo Prize For Steven Pemberton at XML Prague

Publication date: 11-02-2019

On 8 February Steven Pemberton of CWI’s DIS research group won the Demo Prize at the XML Prague conference for his demonstration ‘A Clock in XForms’. XForms is a web technology and W3C standard, co-designed by Pemberton, originally intended for handling forms on the web. However, since version 1.1 it has been generalized to allow the description of more general applications, and the demo was used to show that.

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Best Paper Award for Paper Co-authored by Francesca De Simone at EUSIPCO 2018

Publication date: 14-09-2018

On September 5th 2018 the paper “Rate Distortion Optimized Graph Partitioning for Omnidirectional Image Coding” authored by Mira Rizkallah (INRIA), Francesca De Simone (CWI), Thomas Maugey (INRIA), Christine Guillemot (INRIA), and Pascal Frossard (EPFL), has been awarded with the Best Student Paper Award at the 26th edition of the European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO).

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Francesca De Simone awarded with UK Royal Society International Exchanges 2018 Grant

Publication date: 11-09-2018

Distributed and Interactive System (DIS) researcher Francesca De Simone and University College of London (UCL) Assistant Professor Laura Toni have been awarded a Royal Society International exchanges 2018 grant for the project titled “User-centric omnidirectional video streaming for VR”.

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Distributed and Interactive Systems Group at IBC 2018

Publication date: 10-09-2018

CWI’s Distributed and Interactive Systems group will be present at IBC 2018, from 14th to 18th of September at RAI Amsterdam, showcasing their research. The International Broadcasting Convention is the world’s most influential media, entertainment and technology show. In its 50th anniversary, IBC2017 had a record attendance attracting more then 57,000 attendees from 170 countries around the world, exhibiting more than 1,700 of the world’s key technology suppliers and showcasing a debate-leading conference. DIS will be presenting two of their ongoing research projects: 2IMMERSE and VRTogether.

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Jie Li awarded with best paper award at ACM TV 2018

Publication date: 05-07-2018

On 27 June, Jie Li of CWI’s Distributed and Interactive Systems (DIS) group has been awarded with the Best Paper Award at ACM TVX 2018, the ACM International Conference on Interactive Experiences for Television and Online Video. Li won the award for the paper “A New Production Platform for Authoring Object-based Multiscreen TV Viewing Experiences”. Co-authors are Pablo Cesar, Maxine Glancy (BBC), Jack Jansen and Thomas Röggla.

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CWI contributes to trial new broadcasting system FA Cup final at Wembley

Publication date: 25-06-2018

H2020 EU-funded project 2-IMMERSE, of which CWI’s Distributed and Interactive Systems (DIS) group is a member, passed another milestone at the recent 2018 FA Cup Final at Wembley Stadium between Chelsea and Manchester United. They tested their prototype end-to-end live production system for object-based broadcasting, which allows viewers to experience television broadcast in a more immersive, personalized and interactive manner. The FA Cup is the world’s oldest football challenge cup with an audience estimated to be in the hundreds of millions. In addition to the on-site achievements and to illustrate the end-to-end nature of the trial, a small number of remote viewers in UK, Sweden and the Netherlands were engaged. They got the chance to experience the interactive, customizable and multi-screen version live broadcast of the 2018 FA Cup Final.

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Best paper award for Francesca de Simone at ACM MMSys 2018

Publication date: 21-06-2018

On 14 June Francesca De Simone of CWI’s DIS group has been awarded with the Best Paper Award at the the ACM Multimedia Systems Conference (MMSys 2018), for the paper “Dynamic Adaptive Streaming for Multi-Viewpoint Omnidirectional Videos”, co-authored with Xavier Corbillon (IMT Atlantique, France), Gwendal Simon (IMT Atlantique, France) and Pascal Frossard (EPFL, Switzerland).

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Demo prize for Steven Pemberton at 2018 Markup UK conference

Publication date: 20-06-2018

In June, Steven Pemberton (CWI) won a prize for his demonstration ‘A Histogram in XForms’ during the 2018 Markup UK conference at Imperial College London. Pemberton, who is the co-designer of web technology and W3C standard XForms, showed that XForms can reduce the production time and costs of an application by a factor of ten.

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Joint industrial PhD program with Xinhuanet

Publication date: 07-06-2018

Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) has launched a joint industrial PhD program with Xinhuanet in the research area of Social Internet of Things (IoT), smart textiles, and physiological computing. Xinhuanet Co. Ltd. is a key website in China with global influence, sponsored by Xinhua News Agency, the Chinese national news agency. The Distributed and Interactive Systems (DIS) group, together with Xinhuanet, has hired a full-time PhD student, who will work together with Dr. Pablo Cesar and Dr. Abdallah El Ali, and with the Future Media Convergence Institute at Xinhuanet. The program provides the unique opportunity for conducting research in a top research institute in Europe, based on real-world problems related to healthcare or to the creative industries. This project additionally strengthens bilateral relationships between CWI and Xinhuanet.

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Monitoring the Engagement of Groups by Using Physiological Sensors

Publication date: 06-06-2018

We live in a society based on experiences. Whether we look at a commercial for a holiday destination or interact with social media, the consumer experience plays a crucial role in our behavior. Yet, it is surprising to see how little it is actually known about how consumers value these experiences. The high-end technical solutions for shaping experiences sharply contrast with the rather conventional mechanisms used to measure them.

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Mediasync: Handbook on multimedia synchronization published

Publication date: 04-05-2018

Recently, MediaSync: Handbook on Multimedia Synchronization edited by DIS members Pablo Cesar and Jack Jansen has been published by Springer. The book is “a unique reference and perfect companion book about the fascinating media synchronization (mediasync) research area. It provides a comprehensive overview of the mediasync research area from complementary perspectives, such as theoretical foundations, available technologies, use cases, standardization efforts and experimental studies.”

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DIS at CHI 2018

Publication date: 22-03-2018

CWI’s Distributed and Interactive Systems group will be present at CHI 2018 showcasing their research. CHI is the flagship conference of ACM SIGCHI, the premier international society for professionals, academics and students who are interested in human-technology & human-computer interaction. DIS will present 3 research highlights at CHI: a case-study of developing a multi-sensory clubbing experience during Amsterdam Dance Event 2016, a poster on designing preproduction tools for multiscreen TV viewing, and a session on classifying news media sympathy on Twitter after crisis events. CWI contributes with a case study, a late-breaking work paper, and a long paper.

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KIEM funding for developing a smart urban jacket

Publication date: 01-09-2017

CWI’s DIS group led by Pablo Cesar has been awarded KIEM funding by NWO Humanities. The funding will go to “Project Cairo: an intelligent soft-robotic jacket”. DIS will work on this project together with two partners: Borre Akkersdijk (Byborre) and Bas Overvelde (Amolf).

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DIS contributes to MPEG’s work on Point Cloud Compression

Publication date: 25-07-2017

The Distributed and Interactive Systems group from Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) has been a core contributor to the effort of Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) on 3D point cloud compression technologies. This effort aims at providing efficient representation of static objects and scenes, as well as dynamic objects and real-time acquisition environments. It has resulted in a recent call for proposals from MPEG (which expects to attract many submissions from the most representative industrial partners.

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DIS researchers receive Excellence in DASH Award at MMSys 2017

Publication date: 23-06-2017

Jan Willem Kleinrouweler of CWI’s Distributed and Interactive Systems group has received the Excellence in DASH Award at ACM Multimedia Systems 2017 in Taipei, Taiwan.

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Steven Pemberton wins 2017 Best Demo Award at XML London

Publication date: 19-06-2017

On 10 June 2017 Steven Pemberton of CWI’s Distributed and Interactive Systems research group won by acclamation the Demo Award at the XML London conference for his demonstration ‘XForms Game’.

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