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Media Production, Consumption and Sharing

Technological advances are resulting in a complex media ecosystem, in which streaming media can reach a variety of end-devices using a heterogeneous set of delivery methods. Such development allows ubiquitous media consumption, where users consume digital content via a connected ecosystem of devices, whenever they want and wherever they are. Still many challenges remain at the production, distribution, and user levels. The group is developing novel mechanisms for group-based consumption, enriching, and sharing of media content. This results in research breakthroughs such as production tools for facilitating “on demand” temporal media-based compilations for multi-screen consumption of media, communication infrastructures that enable rich media-based shared experiences, optimization algorithms for ubiquitous rendering of media based on the user context and intention, and seminal works on secondary screens and social TV.


  • Object-based production platforms for developing and deploying immersive and interactive multi-screen productions;
  • Socially-aware multimedia authoring for empowering end-users to create and share media based on storytelling principles;
  • Multimedia systems support for social interaction between remote participants in small (multi-party and domestic video conferencing) and large (distributed theatre) mediated communication scenarios;
  • Definition of languages (e.g. SMIL) for the coordinated presentation of temporal objects within container documents. This includes the modeling of user interaction and metadata
  • Production workflows in the area of digital humanities, for providing enriched access to cultural collections and heritage, and enabling social transformation



Open Source


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