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Dutch Post-CHI 2022 at CWI

Publication date: 2022-06-17

As part of the yearly Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) activities of CHI Nederland (CHI NL), this year CWI will host the Dutch Post-CHI 2022 as an in-person event on Wednesday, June 22.

This one-day event, co-organized by CWI DIS researcher and CHI NL board member Abdallah El Ali, will feature a full program, spanning presentations of research papers, posters, outreach talks, as well as three exciting demos. We will also have a wonderful keynote presentation by CWI DIS researcher Steven Pemberton, who was one of the early co-founders of CHI NL. This year he has also been awarded the ACM SIGCHI Lifetime Practice Award.

The overarching aim of this event, wherein CWI is a sponsor, is to bring members of the Dutch HCI community together, and open to all who are interested in learning more about HCI research and practice. CHI NL is an organization that aims at connecting, supporting, and representing the Human-Computer Interaction community in the Netherlands. CHI NL has recently been instated as an official local ACM SIGCHI Chapter and has identified the groups in the Netherlands actively doing research in HCI.

CWI and the CWI DIS group very much look forward to welcoming researchers and practitioners across Dutch institutions on June 22nd!

Dutch Post-CHI 2022 webpage

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