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Pablo Cesar Keynotes "Towards Volumetric Video Conferencing Around the World"

Publication date: 2023-11-07

Prof. Pablo Cesar from the Distributed and Interactive Systems (DIS) group from CWI and TU Delft keynoted the talk “Towards Volumetric Video Conferencing” in different venues in Europe and Latin America.

  • Brussels, Belgium, at Stereopsia EUROPE 2023 on October 19th, 2023;
  • Ribeirão Preto, Brazil, at the Brazilian Symposium on Multimedia and Web Systems (WebMedia 2023) on October 24th, 2023;
  • Madrid, Spain, at the ACM workshop on Mobile Immersive Computing, Networking, and Systems (ImmerCom 2023) held in conjunction with the ACM International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking (MobiCom 2023) on October 6th, 2023;
  • Amsterdam, the Netherlands, at the CWI-INRIA International Research Collaboration kick-off meeting on September 13th, 2023.

The talk focuses on Social Extended Reality (XR) emerging as a new medium, where users can remotely experience immersive content with others, the vision of a true feeling of ‘being there together’ has become a realistic goal. This keynote provides an overview about the challenges to achieve such a goal, based on results from practical case studies like the TRANSMIXR and MediaScape XR projects. We discuss about different technologies, like point clouds, that can be used as the format for representing highly-realistic digital humans, and about metrics and protocols for quantifying the quality of experience. The final intention of the talk is to shed some light on social XR, as a new group of virtual reality experiences based on social photorealistic immersive content. We discuss about the challenges regarding production and user-centric processes, and discover the new opportunities open by this new medium.

You can see a recording of the talk, from a previous event this year exec(ut) 2023, a conference for and by IT students from Utrecht University, on March 28th 2023 on YouTube.

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