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Web technologies at W3C

It is not an exaggeration to say that the Web has become an essential part of modern society. The presence of researchers has always been seen as essential in the development of the Web and CWI is proud to have contributed actively to this evolution. CWI has been active in the development of HTML, CSS, SMIL, RDF, RDFa, XForms, OWL, R2RML, JSON-LD, SPARQL and many more. Beyond the participation in the relevant Working Groups, members of the DIS group have also acted as Working Group (co-)chairs, as well as activity leads for HTML and the Semantic Web within W3C. Current activities concentrate on:

  • the further development of the XForms standard, designing declarative techniques for representing functionality in network-based documents, and applying web-related methods to managing the Internet of Things;
  • further development of JSON-LD, creating bridges between the Semantic Web and Web Applications;
  • digital publishing and the Web (see separate page for further details).



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