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BRICKS PD-3 [NWO Project]
November 2005 - June 2009

In our current and future knowledge society, ICT plays a key role. Examples of important developments already omnipresent in society are fixed and mobile networks, distributed ubiquitous computing, personalized information systems with context awareness, ambient intelligence systems, etc. These developments are driven by high-level, innovative research which in turn generates new challenging research questions addressing new issues of economic and societal relevance; for example, increased attention for security, dependability, authentication, identification and privacy protection. Innovations in the ICT sector lead to new products and services and thus to economic activities and wealth creation. ICT improves products, services and labor productivity in many different sectors: industry, commerce, transportation, health care, education, safety, and the environment. BRICKS is addressing the need for a strong impulse in fundamental research in informatics. This impulse is necessary for improving the innovation climate in the Netherlands and for generating sustainable economic growth driven by ICT.