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W3C Standardization Activities

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January 2010 - January 2021

CWI has worked with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) ever since its establishment in 1994. The presence of researchers as well as R&D projects in the development of Web technologies and standards has always been seen as essential in the development of the Web; CWI is proud to have contributed actively to this evolution. Researchers from the CWI have been active in the past in the development of technologies and standards such as HTML, CSS, SMIL, RDF, RDFa, XForms, OWL, R2RML, JSON-LD, and SPARQL. Beyond the participation in the relevant Working Groups, representatives of the DIS group also acted as Working Group (co-)chairs, as well as activity leads for HTML and the Semantic Web as part of the core staff of W3C. The current activities at W3C concentrate, on the one hand, on the further development of the XForms standard and, on the other hand, taking the technical leadership role in the Publishing@W3C Activity at the W3C. Finally, work is also continuing in areas related to data on the Web, in particular in the latest developments around JSON-LD.

See the separate page on W3C and the separate page on digital publishing for further details.