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REal and Virtual Engagement in Realistic Immersive Environments - Reverie [EU FP7 IP Project]
September 2011 - June 2015

REVERIE revolutionizes the way of immersive media distribution from a passive centralized context to a personalized highly distributed framework. The research outcome of REVERIE will provide for the individuals new ways of 3D/immersive media sharing and distribution under a socially aware, personalized, collaborative and distributed framework. REVERIE maintains the quality of media content and offers to the individual’s high definition immersive media experiences under, however, an optimized end‐to‐end approach. These research outcomes will strengthen the positioning of European Industries especially SME’s in the area of immersive and interactive multimedia content / services delivery. Within REVERIE, we believe that the time is ripe to push social networking towards the next logical step in its evolution: to immersive collaborative environments that support realistic inter‐personal communication.