March 13 - 17, 2023 | Amsterdam

Hosted by DIS @ CWI

Open Lectures

Public lectures will be held in the Turing Room at CWI. For more information, see the Venue page. Registration is not required!
These public lectures will also be live-streamed on the website of CWI.

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Tuesday 14th

09:30-10:15  |  Keynote

Virtual Social Interaction and its Applications in Health and Healthcare

Sylvia Xueni Pan

11:00-11:45  |  Keynote

How to Create Virtual Humans and Avatars for Social XR?

Zerrin Yumak

Thursday 16th

14:00-14:45  |  Keynote

A Journey to Volumetric Video - the Past, the Present and the Future

Oliver Schreer

15:00-15:45  |  Keynote

eXtended Reality and Passengers of the Future

Stephen Brewster