March 13 - 17, 2023 | Amsterdam

Hosted by DIS @ CWI


Events will be held in the Turing Room and Rooms L016/L017 at CWI. For more information, see the Venue page.

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Monday 13th

09:30-11:00  |  Other


11:00-11:15  |  Talk


11:15-12:00  |  Talk


12:00-14:00  |  Other

Lunch & Coffee

14:00-15:00  |  EU Projects and Standards

Discovering Horizon Europe Projects: TRANSMIXR - Ignite the Immersive Media Sector by Enabling New Narrative Visions

Wendy van den Broeck, Johan Oomen, Niall Murray

15:30-16:30  |  Tutorial

Understanding Social Touch in XR

Gijs Huisman

17:00-17:30  |  Keynote  |  Remote

Designing 'Weird' Social Experiences for XR

Katherine Isbister

Tuesday 14th

09:30-10:15  |  Keynote

Virtual Social Interaction and its Applications in Health and Healthcare

Sylvia Xueni Pan
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11:00-11:45  |  Keynote

How to Create Virtual Humans and Avatars for Social XR?

Zerrin Yumak

12:00-14:00  |  Other

Lunch & Coffee

14:00-14:30  |  Keynote  |  Remote

Navigation and View Management for Interactive 360 Streaming Systems

Klara Nahrstedt

15:30-16:30  |  Keynote  |  Remote

Immersive Video Delivery: From Omnidirectional Video to Holography

Christian Timmerer

Wednesday 15th

09:30-10:30  |  Tutorial

Perceptual Quality Assessment of Point Clouds

Evangelos Alexiou
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11:00-12:00  |  Tutorial

Design, Develop and Evaluate Social XR Experiences

Jie Li

12:00-14:00  |  Other

Lunch & Coffee

14:00-15:00  |  Tutorial

The Psychology of Social Presence

Tilo Hartmann
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15:30-16:30  |  Tutorial

Towards a Responsible Metaverse

Mariëtte van Huijstee, Stefan Roolvink
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17:00-17:30  |  Keynote  |  Remote

Movement Remapping as a Solution to Interaction

Mar Gonzalez Franco

Thursday 16th

09:30-10:00  |  Keynote  |  Remote

Using Empathic Computing to Create Social XR Experiences

Mark Billinghurst

11:00-12:00  |  Tutorial

Pre & Post for Volumetric Video

Natasja Paulssen

12:00-14:00  |  Other

Lunch & Coffee

14:00-14:45  |  Keynote

A Journey to Volumetric Video - the Past, the Present and the Future

Oliver Schreer
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15:00-15:45  |  Keynote

eXtended Reality and Passengers of the Future

Stephen Brewster
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Friday 17th

09:30-10:30  |  Tutorial

Enabling Interactive Networked Virtual Reality Experiences

Maria Torres Vega
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11:00-12:00  |  EU Projects and Standards

An Overview on Standardization for Social XR

Pablo Perez, Jesús Gutiérrez
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12:00-12:15  |  Talk