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6DOF-Nav Dataset

Welcome to the Website of the 6DoF VR User Navigation Dataset

The point cloud representation has emerged as a popular format for volumetric photorealistic reconstructions of dynamic real world objects, due to its simplicity and versatility. This representation has been used to facillitate a variety of immersive virtual reality experiences including remote communication.

Participants viewing dynamic point cloud sequences in VR

In this work, we present user navigation data, obtained through a subjective study in 6 degrees of freedom with 26 participants. Participants were shown looped 10 second sequences of dynamic point clouds and were asked to inspect the content as part of a quality evaluation task. The variation in movements and interaction behaviour among users indicate that user-centered adaptive delivery could lead to sensible gains in terms of perceived quality. This dataset is made available here for future research.

Dynamic point cloud sequences viewed by users in order: Longdress, Loot, Red&black and Soldier

Heatmaps of user positions on the XZ(floor) plane during playout of each point cloud sequence