To celebrate Pablo Cesar's Professorship Appointment at TU Delft

On May 20th 2022, Prof. Dr. Pablo Cesar will give his inaugural lecture at TU Delft, Aula, to celebrate his appointment to professorship. The lecture, titled “Human-Centered Multimedia: Making Remote Togetherness Possible”, will provide an overview of his research with a focus on volumetric video conferencing and the future of eXtended Reality (XR) as a collaboration and communication medium.

To celebrate the occasion, a number of associated events will take place:

  • On May 19th Workshop on Human-Centered Multimedia at hotel Karel V in Utrecht for focused and interactive discussions about the research field, together with 12 invited international researchers (by invitation only);
  • On May 20th from 10:00 CEST Seminar on Human-Centered Multimedia at TU Delft, Aula (Auditorium 2nd floor), with presentations by selected international speakers (open to the public and free: register here);
  • On May 20th from 15:00 CEST Inaugural Lecture “Human-Centered Multimedia: making remote togetherness possible” by Prof. Dr. Pablo Cesar at TU Delft, Aula (Auditorium) (open the public and free: register here)

You can watch recordings of the events here:

My aim is to better integrate core human-computer interaction methodologies and computer science research. My firm conviction is that for a humane future and for solving tomorrow's scientific challenges, an interdisciplinary research approach is required.


About Pablo Cesar


Pablo Cesar has led the Distributed and Interactive Systems (DIS) group at CWI since January 2014 and is Professor of Human-Centered Multimedia Systems in the Department of Intelligent Systems (INSY) at TU Delft. He has received the prestigious 2020 Netherlands Prize for ICT Research. He is IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Senior member, the highest grade for which IEEE members can apply, and ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) Distinguished Member, cited for significant achievements across the computing field recognizing up to 10 percent of ACM worldwide membership. His research focuses on measuring and evaluating the way users interact and communicate with each other using a wide range of decentralized digital systems. Cesar's research combines data science techniques with a strong human-centric, empirical approach to understand the experiences of users. This enables him to design and develop next generation intelligent and empathic systems. He bases his results on realistic testing grounds and data sets, and embrace areas such as healthcare and wellbeing, education, smart cities, and creative industries. Cesar has co-directed 14 externally funded research projects (H2020, FP7, FP6, PPP, NWO).

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