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Social IoT and Smart Textiles

We live in a society based on experiences. Whether we look at a commercial for a holiday destination or interact with social media, the consumer experience plays a crucial role in our behavior. Yet, it is surprising to see how little it is actually known about how consumers value these experiences. The high-end technical solutions for shaping experiences sharply contrast with the rather conventional mechanisms used to measure them. DIS explores the use of smart textiles and wearable sensors as a source for collecting reliable and quantified data about everyday life experiences. In particular, we are interested on better understanding social IoT in the environment of smart cities. Based on realistic testing grounds, collaborating with several commercial and academic partners, we have deployed our technology and infrastructure in places such as the National Theatre of China in Shanghai and the Amsterdam Dance Event in the Netherlands. Our approach is to seamless connecting fashion and textiles with sensing technology, and with the environment. The final objective is to create intelligent and empathic systems that can react to the audience and their experience.


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