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Experience Aware Networking

Experience Aware Networking leverages novel network paradigms (i.e. Software Defined Networking) and the state-of-the-art of Quality of Experience (QoE) research to optimize the experience of users in adaptive media applications. Video is already the #1 traffic source in the Internet and new services are emerging rapidly, such as VR or AR. As a consequence, networks suffer from bottlenecks due too heavy traffic loads, too many users, or a combination of both. Current network resource allocation techniques, such as bitrate-fairness or client-based adaptation algorithms, do not translate in overall user experience optimization. We create QoE-aware models, optimization algorithms, and software prototypes with the aim of understanding how these applications scale and how network resources can be managed to improve the QoE of users.



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  • Excelence in DASH Award 2nd place (sponsored by the DASH Industry Forum)
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  • Excelence in DASH Award (sponsored by the DASH Industry Forum)
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  • Jan Willem Kleinrouweler, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands, expected 2019